Technology & Internet75% Of Facebook Engagement Takes Place During The First 180 Minutes


The first three hours after making a post on social media are the most important in terms of engagement, according to the findings of a new study by Optimal Social. The company developed a tool which measures social engagement and revealed that half of all ´likes´, ´shares´ and ´comments´ of a post occur within 60 minutes of posting it, whereas 75% of all engagement happens over the first three hours.

For their study, Optimal Social looked at a six-figure number of Facebook pages from 8,500 of some of the world´s big brands that use the social site for marketing. The tool that they used won a Facebook competition for innovative marketing platforms. The company´s CEO, Rob Leathern, told technology blog Venture Beat that the tool, called Feed Promoter, could spot early virality and enhance it, thus helping marketers optimise their spending on promoted posts. It does not actually facilitate the creation of viral content, but can tell marketers which posts have the potential to become viral and help them capitalise on that.

The discovery that a large proportion of engagement takes place during the first three hours after content has been posted should make marketers think about when and how they post. According to Business 2 Community, any piece of content posted by brands on Facebook is only visible to 16% of the users who ´Like´ the page. Becoming viral among your audience means that your content needs to be relevant and interesting to them, so that they can engage with it.

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