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Here are a few reasons why you should write articles for your business:

 Presenting information to prospective customers can help you generate more sales for your business. Article marketing is a great way to do this. Online articles not only provide useful info to your most targeted audience, — those most interested in what you offer — but they also give potential customers insight when it comes to your business.

Here are a few reasons why you should write articles for your business:


You can position yourself as a leader in your industry by presenting quality information. Many offline businesses in your field may not have caught onto the lead-generating potential of the internet. However, you can propel your business ahead of your competitors.


When you post articles of value, readers will begin to trust you and the advice you give through the articles you write. The more information you have that presents valid solutions, the more you will be seen as a leader in your field.


The goal is to provide quality content that fills a need. When you help others with your knowledge, you will gain customers who are loyal to your business.

Loyal customers are the type of customers every business wants. These customers will buy from you over and over again (repeat sales are the best type of sales). Customers who are loyal will bring more traffic to your business through word-of-mouth referrals. And maintaining relationships with your loyal customers requires less resources than finding new customers.


The more useful content you post online, the more readers will begin to recognize your name/brand. This is what marketing is all about.

Recognition will help the online community of article readers become familiar with your style of writing. If you have a schedule for the times you post content, readers will look forward to your next post and check weekly for your latest tips.

For example, Vegas is a place where many get married on the spur-of-the-moment. If you’re a Nevada divorce attorney you can write articles on how to file for a divorce or what to do before you get married. These tips delivered in articles can help lead those who need a Las Vegas divorce attorney to you.

Perceived Value

Once you have your articles in place, you can add a byline at the end of your article. Your byline can include a little more information about your business and a link to your site, blog or landing page.

You can offer a free report in exchange for the first name and email address of your visitors. This way you can discuss more about your services with leads that have volunteered their information. These leads are more likely to open an email from you since you have given them something of value.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should write articles for your business. Now it’s time to start writing articles!


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