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Joe Chernov is the VP of Content Marketing at Eloqua, responsible for both written contribution and pushing Eloqua’s content throughout the social media. A father and Twitter extraordinaire, Joe exhibits his love for human connection in many ways. Here is our ‘5 Minutes’ with Joe.


Hi Joe. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do for Eloqua?

I am responsible for bringing new DNA into Eloqua’s gene pool. In a way, I am the yin to the “demand generation” team’s yang: My team works very hard to raise brand awareness, attract first-time visitors, engage with influencers and induce our customers to “spread the word” about us.

How did you first become interested in social media marketing and engagement?

Several years ago I worked for a word-of-mouth and social media marketing company called BzzAgent. The CEO, Dave Balter, is a true visionary. I was on the team that helped develop a new social platform, one that would empower brand advocates to spread their love for the companies they admired. My interest in this area began while helping the team develop that platform, and working under a game-changer like Balter.

How would you describe your relationship to social media? Which channels do you find the most effective?

Honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I love that it has helped me form meaningful friendships with people I would never otherwise have met. People Liz Philips of TaylorMade and author Jay Baer – folks that have shaped my outlook on my world and career, and have hopefully helped me become better at my job. But then social media also exhausts me. There’s no “off” button. The commitment is unrelenting.

What are the advantages of content marketing? Are they different for the entrepreneur than they are for the journalist?

Ultimately the benefit is the same: It’s all about getting discovered – and getting discovered for topics with which one wants to be associated. The primary advantage of content marketing, whether the technique is used for a corporate or personal brand, is trust. By producing informative, entertaining or engaging content that doesn’t overtly push a sale, the publisher establishes herself as a trusted resource. And trust is a marketer’s most precious asset.

Do you think social media has changed the way we intake news? If so, how?

Absolutely. We’ve flip-flopped our relationship with news. We no longer seek out news and information. Today news has a way of finding us. 

At exploreB2B, we work to provide a specialized platform for business professionals to share knowledge and connect. Do you have any advice for people using social media for marketing and/or other professional purposes?

It's funny, my initial thought was, "You just asked two entirely separate questions," but I disagree with my first impulse. I think using social media to build a brand -- whether personal or professional -- relies on the same fundamentals. Be transparent (but not confessional), positive (but not giddy), human (but not frivolous), supportive (but not pandering) and, most of all, patient (but not lazy).

In the last few years, social media appears to have given momentum to major social and political movements. Do you see this as a pattern that will persist? Is there a cap to the ‘success’ of social media attracting and influencing large numbers of people?

I actually do think there is a "cap". There are huge swaths of the population who are not on social media regularly. Or at least not on social media for commercial purposes (engaging with brands) regularly. It's easy for marketers to think of the "techochamber" as representative of the broader public, but that's a faulty assumption. I suspect one of the reasons Pinterest is exciting for so many companies is because it's composed of a very different audience than, say, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How do you think social media channels will evolve in the next five years?

People hate when I say this, but I believe it elementally: Five years from now, for most people Facebook will be the Internet. It will be where they turn not only for social interaction, but also news consumption, product research, entertainment. It will become very naturally what AOL strived to do in the early days of the Web.

Insightful…. Thank you, Joe!


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