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The big, bad world of content marketing can be frigid and intimidating when you first dip your toe into the water. Even after you enter the market of marketing, it can surprise and frustrate you the way Wall Street did Zuckerberg’s IPO.


As you attempt to write yourself into your company’s (or personal) hall of fame, here are some big shots to guide you along the way. See how they have made their marks, then be sure to follow them on Twitter.

Brian Clark manages the Twitter account for copyblogger, the site that provides content marketing solutions for copywriters and their employers. If you are a content marketer and have not visited this site: go now. The articles are the most helpful in the business – providing evidence and examples of what actually makes content superb. The writers on copyblogger are not only experts, they are so good at their jobs they will make you believe you are far better off now that you possess the information they have provided you. Don’t be surprised if you bust out laughing or shed a (hidden) tear. Brian’s management of the copyblogger handle will get you straight to the best (and most useful) articles. Follow him [@copyblogger].

I don’t know Kelly Kim personally, but I can tell you with certainty that she is both socially savvy and smart. The co-founder of Twylah (alongside husband, Eric Kim), she has helped create a functional site with an impeccable layout. The first time I saw the Twylah layout for my company, I was floored. They managed to extract the exact themes and core concepts I was trying to communicate through my Tweets in a way that not even Twitter could produce; this was all managed while keeping it ascetically clean and modern. Her Twitter account follows the same methodology: she is easy to follow because her tweets are condensed, they address major themes in social media/content marketing, and they are consistently of the highest verbal and visual quality. Follow her [@Twylah].

Jeff Bullas is a social media and online marketing consultant, mentor and advisor to companies and executives. His blog,, boasts over 100,000 hits per month – and not without good reason. His articles, including the frequent guest posts, are informative, entertaining and downright charming. While his Twitter account is constantly streaming information, you’ll find yourself clicking on the links (and re-tweeting) far more often than you ever expected. Follow him [@jeffbullas]. 

Joe Pulizzi is one of the most well known figures in content marketing. Besides founding the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), he runs the main blog on the site (Joe Pulizzi’s Blog), and is an author and speaker on all things content marketing related. His mission – to help content marketers think and act like publishers – has come a long way through the Content Marketing Institute. The site, including Joe’s blog, is one of the main hubs to pump accurate and useful data on how to apply content marketing technique. The articles are entertaining, tutorial, and lead you to resources from other useful, industry leaders. CMI links to whitepapers, ebooks and books that have the real opportunity to impact and inspire stories through meaningful data. Joe’s twitter handle pulls from CMI, other top content marketing sources, and directly interacts with the most engaging thought leaders in the biz. Follow him [@juntajoe].

These are a few of the content marketing gurus that exist on exploreB2B’s Content Marketing Twitter List. See for yourself who else can help you navigate towards your most effective content marketing strategy. (Go ahead, do it now.)


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