Technology & Internet37 Quick Steps To Crazy-Effective Copy

Developing better copy is one of the best ways to improve your offer. But does your copy need improvement? (Hint: It can always be better) And if it does, where do you start?


The following tips are the backbone of any good sales message, be it hard sell or soft sell. Run your copy through this list and see what's missing to make it crazy-effective.

  1. The headline must convey how the reader can gain something by using your product, or how he can avoid an undesirable situation. 
  2. Keep in mind the AIDA formula: Grab Attention, Generate Interest, Arouse Desire, Ask for Action.   
  3. Always answer the reader's quesion: "What's in it for me?"  
  4. Focus less on who you are and more on what you can do for the reader.
  5. "Sell a good night's sleep - not the mattress."  
  6. Talk about benefits, not only about features.  
  7. People buy with their emotions and justify it with logic. Appeal to their emotions.  
  8. Don't make promises without proof.   
  9. Use well-written, honest testimonials.   
  10. Use the language of your target market.   
  11. Avoid corporate language.   
  12. Write in a relaxed conversational tone.   
  13. Read your copy out loud. Edit the parts that sound strange or are hard to read.  
  14. Alternate short and long sentences. If you can't read a sentence in one breath, it's too long.  
  15. Answer all the objections the reader might have.   
  16. Use sub-headlines to emphasize the important points and make the copy readable.  
  17. Use lists with an uneven number of points. Five or seven items per list works best.  
  18. Keep paragraphs short.  
  19. Use Johnson boxes.   
  20. Use can use Italics, Bold and Underline to emphasize words, but don't over do it.   
  21. Offer guarantees.  
  22. Include quality relevant bonuses.  
  23. Keep copy as long as it needs to be to make your point.   
  24. Use exclamation points only when absolutely necessary.  
  25. Avoid humour, it rarely works.  
  26. The purpose of every sentence in your copy is to make the prospect read the next one. Use cliffhangers.   
  27. Make the call to action clear. Tell exactly what you want the reder to do and how to do it.   
  28. No copy is perfect. Test different headlines and copy versions. Sometimes as little as one word can dramatically increase conversions.   
  29. Include a scarcity element.  
  30. Don't underestimate the intelligence of your audience.  
  31. Use only high quality images that complement the message.   
  32. Don't always try to sell. Build trust by offering valuable information and asking for nothing in return.   
  33. Use storytelling when it fits your message. Stories make businesses human.  
  34. Make your product or service unique. Explain what you're offering that others aren't.  
  35. If you have a special offer, explain why you're making it.   
  36. Don't overuse keywords for SEO purposes. The quality of the content is more important.   
  37. Edit your copy till it feels like there is nothing else you can delete or modify. 


Cv_photoSabina VargaFreelancerCopywriter, blogger, communication strategist


Peter LunnPeter LunnGreat tips!

Some really excellent tips here Sabina - thank you :)

Sabina VargaSabina Varga

Glad to hear it! :)

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Partner Travis  PiephoPartner Travis PiephoTrue Words About Content!

Thanks Sabina, this is helpful and supporting of our current content policies and framework at my company Prospectr Marketing. I appreciated your insight into offering some sort of garauntee - definitely very important and I am going to try to today with our monthly newsletter.

Sabina VargaSabina Varga

Thanks for your comment! Let me know how it works ;).

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Customer Сare & Faerie Julia Veselskaya (Ievsiukova)Customer Сare & Faerie Julia Veselskaya (Ievsiukova)Thanks Sabina!

Very useful! Will give you my feedback with the real clients ;)

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Caroline EstersonCaroline EstersonInteresting - a long yet valuable checklist

What are Johnson Boxes for the uninitiated like myself? ;-)

Eva MarieEva Marie

A Johnson Box is a box commonly found at the top of direct mail letters, containing the key message of the letter. The purpose of it is to draw the reader's attention to this key message first, and hopefully grab their attention, enticing them to read the rest of the letter.

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