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This morning I received an email congratulating exploreB2B on our GigaOM coverage and asking for advice on how to gain more influential exposure. The fellow B2B startup entrepreneur wanted to know how we managed to land on the respected publication site, having also started as a small B2B company. 

While we (too) are fairly new to the game, I knew how far we had come when two simple answers came to mind. Here is what I told him:

1. Go to networking events: most of our coverage has come from journalists we met at startup networking events or from a referral based on a networking event connection. The best way to get someone to write about you is for him or her to get a feel for who you are, what you know and why what you do is worth writing about. There is no better way to convey these messages than in person. Personality counts.

2. Be your own journalist: self-publish wherever you can to establish industry expertise and provide back links to your site. The more exposure you have (and presence in your professional community) the more likely a journalist or major publication is to find you or be tipped by someone else who thinks you are worth talking about. Social Media Today, Business2Community and exploreB2B are great places to start building your reputation. 

These are brief suggestions for ways to find coverage and expedite exposure, however the methods above have been invaluable for our business model. They also happen to be the principles behind exploreB2B's platform (network & self-publish). 

Good luck to all of you young companies (and company employees) trying to be seen and heard! Now get out there, put the pen to the paper, and prepare to see results. 


ProfErin NelsonexploreB2B GmbHCommunication & Marketing Manager


Kourtney BlackKourtney BlackSmall Town

So what if you are in a smaller city & there are no networking events? And only one paper? It's kind of discouraging reading this and it not being an option that I see as one that would work living here. I really need people behind my business idea and start-up. Thanks!

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