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You’ve lost the momentum and motivation for blogging, but you can start writing again with these two steps.

 One of your goals this year is to blog again. But it’s not as easy as it sounds right? You’ve been in a rut for too long and there are just too many things that require your attention. In short, you’ve lost momentum for blogging, and it’s so hard to start again. Well let me tell you, you’re not alone.  There are many bloggers or writers out there who’ve quit their blogs or are on blogging hiatus. The important thing is, you still want to write. You feel incomplete if you don’t blog and there’s just that nagging feeling that you have unfinished business or that you’re not being true to yourself.  If you don’t feel this way about blogging, then I urge you to spend your time doing something else.  Blogging is only for those who can’t live without blogging. It’s a call to arms – in this case, you’d have to come armed with a pen (in modern-speak – your computer).  If you can feel it in your bones that you were a born blogger, here’s how you can get the ball rolling once more:

Just start blogging

As a blogger myself who quit blogging and is now finding her will to write again, let me tell you that starting to blog after a long dry spell was no easy feat. Why? There were always those “I’ll do this first before I blog again” excuses. I wanted to fix my blog design, my widgets, and “about me” page before I could write my “resurrected” post.  I’ve read hundreds of other blog posts too, thinking that these would be my inspiration. Before you know it, the motivation to blog was gone.  My energy had been expended into thinking about the least important things that the actual blog content took second place.

Some “experts” will tell you that the blog design or the widgets and the SEO part of the blog is just as important as the content. These experts may have a point. But let me tell you, without the content YOU WON’T HAVE A BLOG.  You may have a crappy blog design and you may not have Feedjit installed, but the important thing is just to start, so you can feel energized about blogging again. After you write your first post, write your second. Then your third. Route all your calls to voicemail or turn your phone off, so you won’t be disturbed while you’re in the zone. Don’t think about site hits, visitor count, or whether you blog can win the Best Blog Design this year.  Just blog.  Afterwards and even during the course of blogging, you’ll find yourself tweaking your blog design, improving bits and pieces here and there, being more conscious about SEO. What I’m saying is, if you can’t do an overhaul of your blog immediately, then don’t pressure yourself to do so.  Don’t let the technicalities and the SEO game quench your love for writing.  What you have to say is the primary motivation for blogging. 

Write from the heart

Your first post may be stressing you out. Since you’re reasserting your presence in the blogging world, you may want to find the “perfect” topic. You want to make this your I’m-back-and-I’m-more-amazing-than-ever-read-me post.  Stop it right now.  Quit being too overly obsessed about virality and all the other content marketing buzzwords you keep hearing.  Those can come in later, if you wish. But right now, blog from heart. Blog even if your common sense tells you that you don’t have trending topic in mind. Write with your voice and be hopeful that that voice resonates with your readers.



Owner, BrandVox Andrea Goulet FordOwner, BrandVox Andrea Goulet FordGreat advice!

Great advice Nancy! You’re absolutely right, without content you don’t have a blog! It’s crucial! One thing I learned from experience that will prevent that lull in your blogging is to use a content calendar. When you plan ahead, writing your posts comes easier because you already know what you’re going to write about. Content planning is so important and something many bloggers don’t think about or know how to do.

Luckily, I have a Skillshare class :) "Better Blogging Through Content Planning”. Here’s a link to check it out:

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